About us

Do you want to make beautiful memories about your family?

Would you like to draw vivid pictures of your family’s daily life?

Or would you like to write your family history so that your children and grandchildren later can be proud of family tradition in a place where can keep them from day to day, month to month, year to year?  Also, it is the best place to connect with family members more?

Do you want to create a family tree online? Or simply you want to learn,  make search depth of the clans of countries in the world with an old heirloom families especially the family from America such as Perderson Akre, Proctor, Dukstra, spaid, McElwee Hellyer, Sockler & Stark, Moorhead McElwee, Eitel Fuller …

And that is all the reason Bixbyrose established.

Byxbyrose, we are a hosting Family and Genealogy sites.  Our duties are a work in progress. If you have the member family date of births, your family’s stories, history places also family histories, heirloom pictures or related family links, what you would rather post here.

By side that, If you have a Website related to this family, also you can send it to us your URL. We will add a link to it. You can also make bookmarks for your adventures of the special day, events in your life, stories of someone in your family.

From collecting families through memories, photos, exploring, trips, family trees,… we want to become a big website about Genealogy site, family and travel site. It’s a first rate of the world. And we’ll a big house of many families where can share, bookmark all of the memories, events of any people of the typical family.

Not only all of above objectives, but also we want to create more convenience between members who join with us in the big house about useful websites from cooperates shopping channels with Bixbysrose.